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Yes! I would like to support the work of Woontanara Aid.

Benefactor: $1000 or more
Friend: $500-$999
Sponsor: $250-$499
Donor: $100-$249
Other: __________

With your contribution of $100 or more, your name will appear on our web site and more importantly you will be making a difference in the lives of many people in need in Guinea, West Africa. The more you donate, the more we can offer to the people of Guinea. How can you donate?

1. Mail a personal check to us:

Woontanara Aid
PO Box 321
Victor, Idaho 83455


2. Make an online donation via PayPal:


3. Subscribe to a monthly donation via PayPal:

Your monthly donation will assure that tuition for our orphaned children will be paid.  It will also help to sustain our sewing school at the Home for People with Disabilities. Below are examples of how your monthly donation can help.

4. Donate stock securely via Stock Donator:

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Our Wish List

Woontanara Aid relies heavily on donations and volunteers to achieve its goals. We are currently seeking:
- Volunteer Grant Writer
- Volunteer fundraisers
- Volunteers to host WA presentations
- Volunteer to coordinate WA yard sale
- A laptop

- Donations and contributions

OUR MISSION: Woontanara Aid aims to sustainably improve the lives of people in need in West Africa by providing educational opportunities, vocational training, food and medical support for women, orphaned children and people with disabilities.
Join us on Facebook | Email Us | Call in the United States: 208 787 2252 | US Postal Service: PO Box 321, Victor, Idaho 83455 USA. ©2010-12 Woontanara Aid.

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