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Woontanara Aid Outreach

Woontanara Aid has performed many outreach projects over the years. We are always open to the opportunities that come up and will do what we can to help. Before launching into a new project we ask ourselves two questions: Does it fit into our mission statement? Is it sustainable?


♥ Woontanara Aid has provided free French and English classes for teachers and students who are interested in learning.
♥ We offer scholarships and/or free classes for single mothers so that they may learn marketable skills.
♥ We bring in local artists to teach traditional African dance, song and music to underprivileged children who would not otherwise be exposed to their cultural arts.

Medical Care

♥ We strive to provide medical care for people in need. Priority goes to women and children, but we will help anyone in need when we are able.
♥ We transport sick or injured children to the hospital for diagnosis and support them through their prescribed treatment.
♥ We buy their medicine and pay for their hospital stay; or if they are an outpatient, we accompany them to and from their doctors' appointments.
♥ Throughout their healing process, we take the child under our wing and care for him or her until they are once again healthy.

Please meet Petit Allaye who has recently undergone surgery that saved his leg and possibly his life →

Jobs and Job Training for local Guineans

Woontanara Aid started this program by hiring locals to help carry out our various projects. Originally, all of the people we hired were only employed on a weekly or monthly basis.
♥ Currently, we employ four full-time, year-round staff members and many part-time, project-based workers. Due to the scarcity of jobs available in Guinea, we are providing jobs to people who would not otherwise have employment. For more information about our full-time Guinean employees, please visit Who We Are.
♥ On our recent Guinea Expedition 2011/12, we were able to train many people on the installation of lights using recycled materials. The participants in this project now have the opportunity and supplies to start a business for themselves.

The Water Bottle Light Project
Bringing light to the darkness and job training to the people

Most of the homes of poor people are cement with a scrap metal roof. There are few windows, since they are costly, and most dwellings are surrounded by a high wall, letting in little light.
♥ Guinea Expedition 2011/12 found us teaching communities how to manufacture and install these light bulbs made from old water bottles, scrap metal, a tiny bit of bleach and glue.
♥ We cut a hole in the scrap metal roof and installed a water bottle which is glued into another piece of scrap metal. The process is a little more extensive than that, but all in all is very easy and inexpensive. View the following videos to see how it is done and the joyful reactions of the people.

Woontanara Aid partnerships

Building relationships and networking are crucial to any successful aid organization. Holding hands, we can accomplish much. We introduce as many people to our projects as we can while we are in Guinea in hopes that they too will be moved to help.
♥ Over the years Woontanara Aid has established partnerships with the following organizations: Guinea Solidarite, FEGUIPAH, Le Ministre d'Affaires Sociales Espoirs de Vie, Lanyifan, Centre Nimba, and C.M.A.


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OUR MISSION: Woontanara Aid aims to sustainably improve the lives of people in need in West Africa by providing educational opportunities, vocational training, food and medical support for women, orphaned children and people with disabilities.
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