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Teton Valley News

"Valley steps up on roof, school still needs help" July 5, 2012
By Ken Levy. View PDF »

Valley Citizen

"Woontanara Aid connects two worlds" February 29, 2012
From the east to the west, Teton Valley continues to support a global vision.
By Jeannette Boner. View PDF »

Teton Valley News

"Raising the roof" March 15, 2012
Woontanara school needs protection; Valley non-profit helps save boy's leg, life.
By Ken Levy. View PDF »

"Life in Guinea, West Africa" January 5, 2012
An update from the 2011-12 Guinea Expedition by Reed Sullivan. View PDF »

"Woontanara Aid in Guinea, working with families" December 29, 2011
An update from the 2011-12 Guinea Expedition by Daria. View PDF »

"Woontanara Aid brings help, hope to Guinea" November 10, 2011
This cover featured article explores the Guinea 2011-12 Expedition. View PDF »

Drum Beat Column by Daria

Daria is a Guest Columnist for the Valley Citizen in Teton Valley, Idaho. Her column "Drum Beat" is a journey through West Africa and experiences that inspired her to start the nonprofit organization Woontanara Aid.

"Whatever it takes" December 21, 2011
"Finding a Passion" March 16, 2011
"On a Mission" March 30, 2011
"Sewing Seeds"
April 13, 2011
"Touching Lives" May 11,2011

On the Radio

KHOL "Public Affairs" Radio Interview - Listen (MP3)
Daria chats with Christie Koriakin about the organization.



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We are currently gathering contributions for our upcoming journey. Your support is essential for us to reach our goals.

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Thank you to the Carpathia School's WE Team in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. 

WE Team

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OUR MISSION: Woontanara Aid aims to sustainably improve the lives of people in need in West Africa by providing educational opportunities, vocational training, food and medical support for women, orphaned children and people with disabilities. Woontanara Aid is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
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